Office Building and Masterplan for SICK AG Reute

This office building with an adjoining corporate cafeteria is the cornerstone of the new business location of SICK AG in Reute. In may/june of 2001 a corporate master plan was conceived that identifies longterm strategies for future expansion.
In order to balance environmental, economical and user-specific factors a four-storey office structure was devised that will be realised in three construction phases on the west side of the site.
The building’s innovative air-conditioning system incorporates a heatpump system that uses thermal energy of local ground water for heating and cooling purposes thus reducing energy costs for mechanical heating and cooling.

Project data:
Client: SICK AG
Completed: 2004
Gross floor area: 3,400 m²
Gross volume: 13,000 m³
Location: Nimburger Straße, 79276 Reute

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