German National Library Frankfurt am Main

The German National Library Frankfurt is the central archival library and the national bibliographical centre of the Federal Republic of Germany. In concert with the German Library Leipzig and the Berlin Musical Archive the German National Library Frankfurt meets all demands of a national library. In Frankfurt every publication of german language literature after 1913 is collected and catalogued. Every branch is assigned a special focus. In Frankfurt it is the advancement of information- and communication technology. This includes development and maintenance of the central catalogue database. Furthermore the German Exile Archive 1933 - 1945 is located in the Frankfurt branch.

Project data:
Competition: 1st phase 1981/82 – 2nd prize
Competition: 2nd phase 1983/84 – 1st prize
Architects: Arat – Kaiser – Kaiser
Client: Federal Republic of Germany
Completed: 1997
Budget: 118.1 Mio €
Gross floor area: 77,000 m²
Gross volume: 293,000 m³
Location: Adickesallee 1, 60322 Frankfurt/Main

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