Hautana Residential Development Böblingen

The development consists of 5 buildings with 117 appartments and 3.400m² of commercial floor space. Appartments range from 1 to 4-bedrooms in size plus 31 appartments specifically designed with the needs of senior citizens in mind. Commercial use comprises retail, offices and a medical practice.
The 5 buildings are arranged on the site in a u-shape around a landscaped garden with a pond at the center. The common garden is easily accessible from each building's central stairway and entrance area.
The development is well integrated into its surrounding urban fabric. Its energy conscious design complies with the highest environmental standards. The development's density is a good example for economical use of space in an urban context without compromising quality of living.

Project data:
Competition: 1990 – 1st prize
Client: Böblinger Baugesellschaft mbH
Completed: 1995
Budget: 30.7 Mio €
Gross floor area: 21,300 m²
Gross volume: 76,000 m³
Location: Wilhelmstraße/Karlstraße, 71034 Böblingen
Awards: BDA-Award 1996, Wüstenrot Foundation Design Award 1995

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