DaimlerChrysler Sindelfingen Expansion Masterplan

DaimlerChrysler invited five renowned architectural firms to develop design proposals to accomodate future growth of their Sindelfingen research and production facilities near Stuttgart.
The expansion of the 40,000 employee facilitiy towards the undeveloped area termed “Südlicher Mittelpfad” north of the existing plant had to be environmentally friendly and sensitive to the local microclimate.
The concept proposes a linear “science-city” that can freely expand to the east and to the west respecting the natural preserve north of it. At the transition from structure to landscape a sense of spatial transparency becomes tangible.
The southern edge of the development marks the conclusion of the inhomogenous texture of the existing plant and redefines the streetscape of the “Calwer Strasse” thoroughfare. A high-rise office building becomes the edificial and social focal point of the new development. All major connections converge here.

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