Bozen Library Center

Bozen Library Center combines several library institutions for the trilingual region and a cultural center under one roof. The new library’s holdings will include about 1,100,000 volumes. It is expected to attract about 400,000 visitors per year.
The rapid development of information technology challenged the traditional concept of the library considerably. The library as an institution is supposed to be a center for different media, information, education and cultural exchange, as well as a meeting point in the city.
The design concept seeks to define the library center as a vital part of its urban context. It is an autonomous building that does not conceal its purpose but rather becomes a distinct part of public life through its inviting transparency. The building opens up towards the city and thus becomes part of it.

Project data:
Competition: 2004 – 3rd round
Client: Autonomous Province of Bozen, South Tyrol

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