P2/P4 Parking Garage at Stuttgart Airport

The design of this 4,000-space parking garage corresponds to the airport terminal's architectural features (height, orientation, geometry and material palette) in order to create an integrated ensemble.
The independant and non-intersecting organization of vehicular and pedestrian traffic was a primary design objective.
Prominent architectural features such as spiral-ramps, glass elevators, glazed canopies and a fountain facilitate orientation and create an attractive promenade that becomes the backbone for further development.
The facility reflects transparancy and openness, designed with easy orientation and convenience in mind.

Project data:
Competition: 1992 – 1st prize
Client: INULA Grundstücksverwaltungs GmbH represented by Stuttgart Airport
Completed: 1998
Budget: 102.3 Mio €
Gross floor area: 145.000 m²
Gross volume: 435.000 m³
Location: Stuttgart Airport
Awards: BDA-Award 1999, ADAC Award “Visitor-friendly parking garage”

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