Parking Garage at Leuze Spa, Stuttgart

The car park is accessible by the western roadway through the already existing gate. The car park follows the reliable and very economical inner traffic system of split levels.
The location at the western and eastern end walls allows an undisturbed building structure with a clear grid using the very economical steel-composite construction system, which on the other hand makes a relative short construction time possible.
The always difficult integration of a car park into a naturally dominated environment shall be optimized through the consciously used simplicity
in the design of the facades (example multi-storey car park of the Gottlieb Daimler Stadium) or rather through facade greenery.

Project data:
Client: City of Stuttgart Cure and Bathing Facilities, Germany
Budget: 2,9 Mio €
Gross floor area: 6.300 m²
Gross volume: 19.500 m³
Capacity: 277
Location: Stuttgart, Germany

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