Türk Telekom Arena Istanbul

Galatasaray Sports Club’s new Istanbul football stadium is located on the European side of the Turkish metropolis.
The stadium will belong to the prestigious UEFA Five Star/Elite Stadium category. It holds 52,230 spectators; VIP facilities include 150 sky-boxes. The stadium features a retractable roof – the first of its kind in Turkey – and a 3,000 vehicle underground garage.
The topography of the sloped site with a level difference of up to 60 meters from one end to the other posed a particular challenge. Special foundation measures were necessary – especially for the large “super-columns” that support the roof structure.
Construction work is well underway. Opening is scheduled for the end of 2010.


Project data:
Client: TOKI (Housing Development Administration of Turkey)
Completed: 2010
Budget: 128.0 Mio €
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

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