The ‘Lokomotive Mezdra’ Stadium

The first real football stadium for 17,500 Bulgarian spectators is planned to be built on the previous training and sports site of the ‘Lokomotive Mezdra’ sports club. 
The stadium´s unique site is bounded by a wooded slope in the north and by the River Iskar in the south; it also closes off the river valley. 
The roof´s shape opens towards the west in a welcoming gesture and it attracts the spectators into the stadium. The stadium´s interior can be experienced far away already from the pedestrian´s perspective and the atmosphere in the arena is noticeable. 
The roof´s overall shape wraps itself around the stadium: it lowers itself in the area of the rear gate´s stand in the east and adapts itself to the tribune´s lower height. The reference to the dramatic landscape is emphasized as a result.
The stand´s individual components are anchored onto the site as sweeping, heavy ‘concrete sculptures‘, over which the aerodynamically shaped, light-weight roof floats. 

Project data:
Client: Lokomotive Mezdra
Gross floor area: 12.800 m²
Gross volume: 42.000 m³

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