LBBW Bank Stuttgart-Vaihingen

The building is located on a corner with its main orientation towards a busy local shopping street. A setback highlights the corner and establishes a connection with the intersecting street and the adjacent neighborhood.
The slight pivot of the streetlevel storefront leads visitors quite naturally towards the main entrances of the bank or the tenants offices respectively. Both entrances are prominently situated on the building’s recessed corner.
The central location demands optimized office spaces that can be freely adapted to accomodate the tennants individual needs. The upper level of the bank and the tenants offices are accessed through a central staircase- and elevator core.
A setback of the top-floor responds to the scale of the surrounding buildings while maintaining an optimized use of available floor area.

Competition data:
Competition: 2000 – 1st prize
Client: LBBW State Bank of Baden-Württemberg
Gross floor area: 5.400 m²
Gross volume: 19.400 m³

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