Cologne Central Mosque

The Mosque as an institution is house of worship, cultural centre, public assembly hall, courthouse, school and university all in one. In Islamic countries the mosque is usually located in the bazaar and thus an integral part of urban life. Therefore the program included not only spaces for religious service but also a cultural centre with function room, multi-purpose room, café, youth club and an education centre. Commercial spaces include a library, jeweller, barbershop, travel agency, grocery store and a restaurant.
The design with its prominent entrance emphasizes the corner situation of the city plan and the busy intersection at the site. The complex consists of two buildings connected by a continuous glass roof element framing an interior courtyard and a short passageway thus creating a lively, bazaar-like, covered space. The passage becomes a vibrant urban meeting place that also bears reference to various historic examples.

Competition data:
Competition 2006
Client: DITIB – Türkisch Islamische Union der Anstalt für Religion e.V. (Turkish Islamic Union of the Institute for Religion e.V.)

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