Konrad-Adenauer-Straße Stuttgart, Germany

Konrad Adenauer Straße between Gebhardt Müller Platz and Charlottenplatz unifies a large part of the most important culturally and politically prestigious buildings in the state capital.
The cultural buildings on the eastern edge of the slope face the road space, whereas the building blocks are orientated towards the town centre on the western side with their backs to the ‘cultural mile’. The main design concept is to strengthen the eastern foot of the slope with a large, central connection to the town centre.
The number of connections via Konrad Adenauer Straße had to be limited to four crossings, which become references between the high and low banks on the other hand by means of additional steps and ramps, so that a varied urban cultural landscape is created along the foot of the slope. The area around the state parliament and opera house guides the visitor to the castle´s upper garden from the Eckensee lake via Konrad Adenauer Straße to the eastern bank.

Competition data:
Competition 2009 – 3rd prize
Client: Stadt Stuttgart
Location: Stuttgart, Deutschland
In colaboratin with: Pfrommer+Roeder Landschaftsarchitekten, um.net - Netzwerk für Architektur und Stadtentwicklung

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