Multi-Functional Hall Ulm / Neu-Ulm

The new multi-functional hall for Ulm and Neu Ulm has been designed as a landmark at the town´s entrance, which is visible from far away.
The hall´s rounded block stands as a special dynamic shape on a plinth growing out of the landscape with a planted embankment. The prominent, opening gesture towards the town creates an inviting situation for entry.
The entrance plateau offers the hall´s visitors both visual and acoustic protection from the neighbouring traffic on a level which is removed from the street level.
The areas for spectators with the foyer and wrap-around area are contained transparently by the surrounding glazing, in order to reinforce the references between inside and outside.

Competition data:
Client: City of Ulm, Germany
Gross floor area: 14.132 m²
Gross volume: 111.879 m³

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