Cologne operahouse

With the new theatre building, a public building is being designed which is integrated into the structure as a place for events. The front part of the new building faces onto Offenbachplatz is given a special role: it was designed as a public building and contributes to enlivening the whole day through its mixture of functions.
Offenbachplatz is drawn into the building and translated vertically into large foyer spaces, galleries and terraces. The façade opens onto the square like a stage curtain and it allows the interior to become an urban stage.
The internal organization takes place via a very compact arrangement of spaces, which are sculpturally enclosed by the façade´s skin. An open flight of stairs, ramp, lifts and staircases mean that a building is created which allows all sorts of tours and cross-connections while making it visible from the outside. The building itself becomes a stage.

Competition data:
Competition: 2008 (honorable mentioned)
Client: City of Cologne
Location: Cologne, Germany

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