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Sonnenhof e.V., Schwäbisch HallSonnenhof e.V., Schwäbisch Hall

Competition 2015






in collaboration with VenhoevenCS, Amsterdam




























Gdansk Museum Second World War, PolandGdansk Museum Second World War, Poland

Competition 2010
College for higher education Gießen - Friedberg, GermanyCollege for higher education Gießen - Friedberg, Germany

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in collaboration with um.net

Competition 2010
Sportpark Differdange, Luxembourg, 2nd priceSportpark Differdange, Luxembourg, 2nd price

Competition 2010
Center for Special Education Hengstäcker, GermanyCenter for Special Education Hengstäcker, Germany

Competition 2010
Esslingen Neue Weststadt, GermanyEsslingen Neue Weststadt, Germany

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in collaboration with um.net

Competition 2010
Stadium St. Pölten, AustriaStadium St. Pölten, Austria
The new St. Pölten Stadium is designed as a large urban shape that is unmistakably visible from far away and which is completely built as a wooden construction over the plinth. A basket-like wooden structure forms the building’s shell, filters the daylight passing through it and simultaneously offers effective protection from the wind.
A person walking into the stadium via the promenade´s raised level enters the basin, which is developed into a complete, atmospherically dense arena around the field with a continuous, homogeneous terrace.
The main stand, VIP area, administration and athletes are housed in a compact, ‘passive house’ building on the stadium´s long, south-western side, which is enclosed on three sides and only opens generously towards the south in order to receive solar heat gain. The building´s shell is designed in such a way that it is possible to extend the stands from 8,000 to 13,000 seats at any time.

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in collaboration with Philip Lutz und Elmar Ludescher

Competition: 2010
Client: Treisma Grundstücksverwaltungs-Gesellschaft m.b.H
Gross floor area: 26.685 m2
City-oval Aalen, GermanyCity-oval Aalen, Germany

in collaboration with um.net

Competition 2010
Wilhelm-Blos-Street Stuttgart, GermanyWilhelm-Blos-Street Stuttgart, Germany

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Competition 2010
Rieth sports hall - Erfurt, GermanyRieth sports hall - Erfurt, Germany

Competition 2010
Expansion full-time school Laupheim, GermanyExpansion full-time school Laupheim, Germany

in collaboration with um.net

Competition 2010
Klosterinsel Rheinau, GermanyKlosterinsel Rheinau, Germany

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Competition: 2009
Client: City of Zürich
Location: Rheinau, Switzerland
Naturmuseum St. Gallen, SwitzerlandNaturmuseum St. Gallen, Switzerland

Client: City of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Expansion Hochschule für Technik(university of applied sciences), Stuttgart, GermanyExpansion Hochschule für Technik(university of applied sciences), Stuttgart, Germany

Sports hall „Lauterer Höhe Coburg, GermanySports hall „Lauterer Höhe Coburg, Germany

Konstanz-little venice, convention center and concert hallKonstanz-little venice, convention center and concert hall

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Competition 2009
Client: City of Constance
Project partner: Rhomberg Bau, Bregenz 
Landscape design: t17 , München 
Energy design: EGS-Plan Stuttgart 
Acoustic: Prof. Jens Blauert, Bochum
Project management: Fides Projekt GmbH, Ulm
Multi-Functional Hall Ulm / Neu-UlmMulti-Functional Hall Ulm / Neu-Ulm

The new multi-functional hall for Ulm and Neu Ulm has been designed as a landmark at the town´s entrance, which is visible from far away.
The hall´s rounded block stands as a special dynamic shape on a plinth growing out of the landscape with a planted embankment. The prominent, opening gesture towards the town creates an inviting situation for entry.
The entrance plateau offers the hall´s visitors both visual and acoustic protection from the neighbouring traffic on a level which is removed from the street level.
The areas for spectators with the foyer and wrap-around area are contained transparently by the surrounding glazing, in order to reinforce the references between inside and outside.

Client: City of Ulm, Germany
Gross floor area: 14.132 m²
Gross volume: 111.879 m³


Sporthall TharandtSporthall Tharandt

in collaboration with Roland Bogenrieder

Client: City of Tharandt
Gross floor area: 2.112 m2
Gross volume: 13.630 m3
Witthohhall EmmingenWitthohhall Emmingen

Expansion finance office FürthExpansion finance office Fürth

Konrad-Adenauer-Straße Stuttgart, GermanyKonrad-Adenauer-Straße Stuttgart, Germany

Konrad Adenauer Straße between Gebhardt Müller Platz and Charlottenplatz unifies a large part of the most important culturally and politically prestigious buildings in the state capital.
The cultural buildings on the eastern edge of the slope face the road space, whereas the building blocks are orientated towards the town centre on the western side with their backs to the ‘cultural mile’. The main design concept is to strengthen the eastern foot of the slope with a large, central connection to the town centre.
The number of connections via Konrad Adenauer Straße had to be limited to four crossings, which become references between the high and low banks on the other hand by means of additional steps and ramps, so that a varied urban cultural landscape is created along the foot of the slope. The area around the state parliament and opera house guides the visitor to the castle´s upper garden from the Eckensee lake via Konrad Adenauer Straße to the eastern bank.

Competition 2009 – 3rd prize
Client: Stadt Stuttgart
Location: Stuttgart, Deutschland
In colaboratin with: Pfrommer+Roeder Landschaftsarchitekten, um.net - Netzwerk für Architektur und Stadtentwicklung
Coface Arena MainzCoface Arena Mainz
A multi-functional stadium with a capacity of 40,000 seats was designed on two terraces for the ‘FSV Mainz 2005’ event.
The design´s features are integration of the stadium into the landscape, a dense stadium atmosphere and the crystalline shell as a symbol that can be seen from far away.
The stadium is laid out freely in the countryside on the western outskirts of Mainz: it is also very visible from the whole surrounding area. The landscape surrounding the stadium flows over the ramps to the promenade level and over the generous openings and spectators´ entrance tunnels into the stadium beyond.
The stadium´s red interior opens up successively as the visitor approaches the stadium.

Project gallery

Client: GVG Mainz
Gross floor area: 40.090 m²
Gross volume: 534.540 m³
National Stadium Kiew EURO 2012National Stadium Kiew EURO 2012

This is a real football stadium with a capacity of 85,000 seats on three terraces, which is being built for the EURO 2012 championship´s final. It has a retractable roof. It can be restored to a multi-functional stadium for light athletics and football with a capacity of 62,000 spectators by installing a raised platform for competitions, after the EURO championship has finished. 

Expansion sports center UnterföhringExpansion sports center Unterföhring

Cologne operahouseCologne operahouse

With the new theatre building, a public building is being designed which is integrated into the structure as a place for events. The front part of the new building faces onto Offenbachplatz is given a special role: it was designed as a public building and contributes to enlivening the whole day through its mixture of functions.
Offenbachplatz is drawn into the building and translated vertically into large foyer spaces, galleries and terraces. The façade opens onto the square like a stage curtain and it allows the interior to become an urban stage.
The internal organization takes place via a very compact arrangement of spaces, which are sculpturally enclosed by the façade´s skin. An open flight of stairs, ramp, lifts and staircases mean that a building is created which allows all sorts of tours and cross-connections while making it visible from the outside. The building itself becomes a stage.

Competition: 2008 (honorable mentioned)
Client: City of Cologne
Location: Cologne, Germany
Southside Redevelopment CoburgSouthside Redevelopment Coburg

BeiHua Yuan projectBeiHua Yuan project

"Fallersleber Tor" Bridge Brunswick

Frankfurt am Main Historical MuseumFrankfurt am Main Historical Museum

Zorlu Center IstanbulZorlu Center Istanbul

Schiersteiner Bridge across the RhineSchiersteiner Bridge across the Rhine

Kirchheim-Rohrbach Bridge HeidelbergKirchheim-Rohrbach Bridge Heidelberg

RWTH Aachen University CampusRWTH Aachen University Campus

Residential Development in Bursa/TurkeyResidential Development in Bursa/Turkey

Al Rostamani Group Headquarters DubaiAl Rostamani Group Headquarters Dubai


Turkish Embassy BerlinTurkish Embassy Berlin

The Ajman Freezone Marina Develoment Abu DhabiThe Ajman Freezone Marina Develoment Abu Dhabi


Modular Building System for School Sports Halls in Frankfurt/MainModular Building System for School Sports Halls in Frankfurt/Main

Stuttgart Hospital Administrative CentreStuttgart Hospital Administrative Centre

Stuttgart Airport Administration BuildingStuttgart Airport Administration Building

University of Applied Sciences KaiserslauternUniversity of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern

Primate House Wilhelma Zoo StuttgartPrimate House Wilhelma Zoo Stuttgart

VOITH Headquarters HeidenheimVOITH Headquarters Heidenheim

Great Rainforest Hall “Gondwanaland” Leipzig ZooGreat Rainforest Hall “Gondwanaland” Leipzig Zoo

Stadium BrunswickStadium Brunswick

Edip Shopping Mall IstanbulEdip Shopping Mall Istanbul

United Arab Emirates University Al AinUnited Arab Emirates University Al Ain

Cologne Central MosqueCologne Central Mosque

The Mosque as an institution is house of worship, cultural centre, public assembly hall, courthouse, school and university all in one. In Islamic countries the mosque is usually located in the bazaar and thus an integral part of urban life. Therefore the program included not only spaces for religious service but also a cultural centre with function room, multi-purpose room, café, youth club and an education centre. Commercial spaces include a library, jeweller, barbershop, travel agency, grocery store and a restaurant.
The design with its prominent entrance emphasizes the corner situation of the city plan and the busy intersection at the site. The complex consists of two buildings connected by a continuous glass roof element framing an interior courtyard and a short passageway thus creating a lively, bazaar-like, covered space. The passage becomes a vibrant urban meeting place that also bears reference to various historic examples.

Competition 2006
Client: DITIB – Türkisch Islamische Union der Anstalt für Religion e.V. (Turkish Islamic Union of the Institute for Religion e.V.)
Bornheim Soccer Stadium Frankfurt am MainBornheim Soccer Stadium Frankfurt am Main

Dubai Central LibraryDubai Central Library

“Wurster und Dietz” Quarter Redevelopment Tübingen“Wurster und Dietz” Quarter Redevelopment Tübingen

New Music Theatre in LinzNew Music Theatre in Linz

Federal Administrative Court St. Gallen/CHFederal Administrative Court St. Gallen/CH

Museum in Kalmar/SwedenMuseum in Kalmar/Sweden

Bridge across the Danube in RiedlingenBridge across the Danube in Riedlingen

Bridge across the Neckar in MühlhausenBridge across the Neckar in Mühlhausen

Bozen Library CenterBozen Library Center
Bozen Library Center combines several library institutions for the trilingual region and a cultural center under one roof. The new library’s holdings will include about 1,100,000 volumes. It is expected to attract about 400,000 visitors per year.
The rapid development of information technology challenged the traditional concept of the library considerably. The library as an institution is supposed to be a center for different media, information, education and cultural exchange, as well as a meeting point in the city.
The design concept seeks to define the library center as a vital part of its urban context. It is an autonomous building that does not conceal its purpose but rather becomes a distinct part of public life through its inviting transparency. The building opens up towards the city and thus becomes part of it.

Competition entry

Competition: 2004 – 3rd round
Client: Autonomous Province of Bozen, South Tyrol
Lohr Community CenterLohr Community Center

Ice Sports Arena and Ball Sports Hall DresdenIce Sports Arena and Ball Sports Hall Dresden
The existing ice sports hall, built in the 1960s, was severely damaged during the August 2002 flooding of the river Elbe so that a new building was required. The program called for a 3,000-seat ice hockey arena, also suitable for other sports and concert events. The adjacent secondary ice-rink is used for training and public skating.
A second construction phase includes a ball sports hall with three playing fields measuring 45m by 67m. Additionally, all service functions such as locker-rooms, equipment storage and storage sheds associated with the nearby outside sports fields are pooled and relocated to the new building.

Competition entry

Competition 2003
Client: City of Dresden
Gross floor area: 42,000 m²
Gross volume: 215,000 m³
Budget: 23.5 Mio €
Clemens Sels Museum NeussClemens Sels Museum Neuss

Bockenheim Redevelopment Masterplan in Frankfurt am MainBockenheim Redevelopment Masterplan in Frankfurt am Main
As a joint effort Johann Wolfgang Goethe University,  the State Of Hesse and the City of Frankfurt are undertaking the complete restructuring of the universities various locations. The former downtown campus in the Bockenheim quarter will be completely abandoned and relocated.
The goal of the competition at hand was to establish an agenda for the future development of the Bockenheim quarter towards a vibrant urban neighborhood offering a broad mix of commercial and residential uses, good infrastucture and high quality public space.
The scale of development shall be sensitive to the existing context and scale of neighboring quarters and permit a variety of uses and building types.

Competition entry

Competition 2003 – 4th prize
Client: State of Hesse and City of Frankfurt am Main
Area: 16,7 hectare
Competition: 213 entries
Oldenburg ArenaOldenburg Arena

Senior Citizen Center NiederstettenSenior Citizen Center Niederstetten

Gutenberg High School ErfurtGutenberg High School Erfurt

Bad Friedrichshall SportsparkBad Friedrichshall Sportspark

SVK Beiertheim Athletics Stadium KarlsruheSVK Beiertheim Athletics Stadium Karlsruhe

Munich Riem School ComplexMunich Riem School Complex

Munich Judicial CenterMunich Judicial Center
The new Judicial Centre combines all functions of the Munich District Courts in one complex. The program includes court-rooms, offices and other administrative infrastructure as well as an employee training centre.
The proposed design seeks to create an appearance appropriate to the buildings function. Its distinct clarity sets it apart from its heterogeneous neighbours. A setback from the building line creates a suitable entrance situation for a Judicial Centre, underlining the buildings particular status.
The District Courts and their common infrastructure form the main buildings volume. The employee training centre is independently located in a second building aligned with the existing buildings. The space framed by both buildings becomes an attractive outdoor area.
The building-type of a multi-storey courtyard building is particularly suited for this inner-city location with its high volume of traffic.

Competition entry

Competition 2001
Client: Free State of Bavaria
Regensburg Independent Catholic SchoolRegensburg Independent Catholic School

Palucca School of Dance DresdenPalucca School of Dance Dresden

Old Sugar Refinery / Hermitage Redevelopment WaghäuselOld Sugar Refinery / Hermitage Redevelopment Waghäusel

Diefenbach Community CenterDiefenbach Community Center

Eastern Switzerland Athletics Center St. GallenEastern Switzerland Athletics Center St. Gallen

Ansbach ArenaAnsbach Arena

Bridge across Ackermannstrasse MunichBridge across Ackermannstrasse Munich

LBBW Bank Stuttgart-VaihingenLBBW Bank Stuttgart-Vaihingen

The building is located on a corner with its main orientation towards a busy local shopping street. A setback highlights the corner and establishes a connection with the intersecting street and the adjacent neighborhood.
The slight pivot of the streetlevel storefront leads visitors quite naturally towards the main entrances of the bank or the tenants offices respectively. Both entrances are prominently situated on the building’s recessed corner.
The central location demands optimized office spaces that can be freely adapted to accomodate the tennants individual needs. The upper level of the bank and the tenants offices are accessed through a central staircase- and elevator core.
A setback of the top-floor responds to the scale of the surrounding buildings while maintaining an optimized use of available floor area.

Competition: 2000 – 1st prize
Client: LBBW State Bank of Baden-Württemberg
Gross floor area: 5.400 m²
Gross volume: 19.400 m³
Office Building Mainzer Landstrasse Frankfurt/MainOffice Building Mainzer Landstrasse Frankfurt/Main

Porsche Center BietigheimPorsche Center Bietigheim

Aalen Forest Cemetary and CrematoriumAalen Forest Cemetary and Crematorium

Office Complex in Frankfurt am Main NiederradOffice Complex in Frankfurt am Main Niederrad

Competition: 2000 – 2nd prize
Client: DESPA – Deutsche Sparkassen Immobilien Anlage GmbH Frankfurt am Main
La-Ferté-Steg, Stuttgart-ZuffenhausenLa-Ferté-Steg, Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen

National Library of SingaporeNational Library of Singapore

Competition: 1998
'asp' Architekten Stuttgart in cooperation with
Alfred Wong Partnership, Singapore
Client: The National Library Board of Singapore